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It’s different when we talk of wildlife in Lakshadweep Islands. There might not be many manmade zoos or a defined wildlife sanctuary in Lakshadweep. Nature runs at its wildest in all corners of this wonderful group of islands. Be it flora or fauna, one can see the nature's most colorful creations adorning the landscape of Lakshadweep. In fact many of the tourists who come here give highest priority to diving and spending time alongside fishes of all sizes and hues. A large part of the islands are covered with forest having different types of floral varieties. During your Lakshadweep vacations devote special time for getting closer to the nature.

Lakshadweep is a completely different piece of land that holds, the treasures of nature. The flora in Lakshadweep is no exception itself. Lakshadweep is home to some of the unique plant varieties that add to the beauty of this archipelago. Banana, Colocasia, Drumsticks, bread-fruit and jack fruit are some of the most common plant varieties in Lakshadweep. However coconut is the only item of economic importance to Lakshadweep population. Not only it is the main ingredient in the Lakshadweep cuisine, it is also used for making coir which is then exported from here. Fauna in Lakshadweep consists mainly of marine life that is simply the most colorful you would have ever seen. When groups of fishes of various color swim over corals of different hues, the view is unbelievably intriguing. Skip jack, yellow fin, rainbow fish and King fish are the most commonly seen fishes in Lakshadweep lagoons. On land, cattle and poultry birds are the most commonly seen animals. Lakshadweep is also home to a diversity of bird species.

Bangaram is the main island where one can see the birds. Sand piper, golden plover, green shanks and red shanks are few of the most frequently found Avi fauna species on Bangaram Island.

Try to make best use of every opportunity of viewing the exorbitant wild life of this destination during your Lakshadweep holidays. Every island has something special regarding flora, fauna and the splendid wildlife.