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Gujarat the cultural blend of many religions, arts and architecture is truly referred as Land of Legends. This land is a feast for the tourists having countries first Marine National park, Gir National park showcasing the rare Asiatic Lion, beautiful beaches, variety of wildlife, colorful fairs, festivals and much more to explore. Gujarat a state in northwestern India bordering many states and union territories is having borders with Pakistan and Rajasthan in the north east, Madhya Pradesh in the east, and Maharashtra and the Union territories of Diu, Daman, Dadra and Nagar Haveli in the south. A vast coastal line with the Arabian Sea is bordering this state both to the west and the south west. The state received its name Gujarat which means land of the Gujjar’s, who were the first settlers of this region. Gujarat tour packages will give you an insight into the treasure trove of Heritage, culture and variety of landscapes making your Gujarat vacation a dream vacation. Gujarat tourism is endorsed with a great variety and your travel to this state anyway will be a charming experience.

As per historical evidences ancient Gujarat was ruled by the Maurya Dynasty. Emperor Chandragupta Maurya conquered a number of states in Gujarat while his grandson, King Ashoka extended his empire in Gujarat. After the fall of the Maurya Empire, the Sakas or Scynthians controlled the region from A.D. 130 to 390. The Dutch, French, English and Portuguese all established bases along Gujarat coast capturing several enclaves including Daman and Diu as well as Dadra and Nagar Haveli.

British took control of this region from the Portuguese. The British East India Company wrested control of much of Gujarat from the Marathas during Second Anglo-Maratha War. Many local rulers, made a separate peace treaty with the British, and agreed British sovereignty in return for retaining local self-rule. A new era began when Independence movement started by leaders like Mohandas K Gandhi, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, made Gujarat as its home place. On May 1, 1960, the Bombay State got split up into the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Gujarat is a flourishing state with cultural diversity. It is vibrant with its true colors of rich heritage and cultural traditions. The state is a meeting point of many religions like Hinduism, Islam, Jainism and Buddhism. The Gujarati culture is a blend of arts, institutions, inventions, beliefs, customs, traditions, language, technology and values. Guajarati’s are mostly vegetarians and the Gujarati food is typical with lots of sweets and tasty milk products. Festivals and fairs, arts and crafts, folk dances, music, cuisine and lifestyles form a major cultural background of the people belonging to Gujarat. The customs and beliefs make this culture more homely and truly blended with values and moral characteristics. Gujarati women can be easily identified from her style of wearing a sari. The costumes of the rural men are typical and can be identified very easily. Traditional outfits in rural areas or during cultural festivals are Chania Choli for women and kedia dress for men. Men and women in colorful traditional Gujarati outfits make an excellent combination during the dance festival Raas Garba. The most known things through out the world about this state are the typical Garba and Dandiya dance. Gujarat holidays are bestowed with a charming introduction and an insight of this ever prospering state. The tour packages to this destination are packed with lots of curiosity and fun.

Gujarat is the dream of an explorer who is fond of nature and wild life. It possesses varied landforms with the dry deciduous forests, rich moist deciduous forests, marine ecosystems, deserts, scrublands mangroves, coral reefs, estuaries, gulfs, wetlands and majestic grasslands. These habitats are home to rare wild life inhabitants. The Land of the Legends, Gujarat is symbolically known for its wildlife icon of Lions found in the Gir reserve which is a major attraction for tourists in Gujarat and prime attraction of Gujarat holidays. Plan your Gujarat vacation to experience the great magic of this land.