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Singapore is one of South East Asia's most vibrant cities and is a great gateway to the rest of Asia. Singapore is a vibrant metropolis where close to 3 million Chinese, Malays, Indians and Eurasians live and work side-by-side. This colorful mix of cultures, spiced with Western influences, creates a wonderful blend. The uniqueness of each culture is celebrated here in its own special way. The beauty of Singapore lies in its strategic location in the southern tip of the Malaysian peninsula, the imposing skyscrapers, the magnificent museums, sanctuaries, places of worship and parks. Singapore is one of the few widely chosen tourist destinations by people all across the globe. Singapore's "FINE" city reputation is well−earned, and in fact, many will admire at once the clean, modern metropolis.

A traveler’s first and last encounter with Singapore usually leaves a good impression. On arrival you are exposed to Singapore's clean, efficient, world-class atmosphere. Within ten minutes of landing one realizes that everything looks new. Yet, the true character of this city is somehow lost in massive shopping malls and high rises, world-record setting fountains, and numerous theme parks. This is the side that most people see: a shopper's paradise, a pleasant business trip, a "safe" destination for first-time visitors to Asia. The four official languages of Singapore are Mandarin, Malay, Tamil and English. English is the most common language used and is the language which unites the different ethnic groups. Singapore has an astonishing mix of old ethnic areas, modern offices and shopping complexes. It has over 70 world-class hotels, 18 lush golf courses, and a host of tourist attractions. From classical symphonies to Chinese operas, jazz to ballet, rock to Hollywood's latest hits, Singapore offers unlimited entertainment.

History of Singapore reminds one of the antecedents of this great city-state. Javanese inscriptions dating back to the 14th century refer to Singapore as Tumasik which means sea. The present name has roots from South India when Rajendra the ruler of South Indian Chola Kingdom called it Singapura which means Lion City. At this time, the city was then ruled by the five kings of ancient Singapura. Located at the tip of the Malay Peninsula, the natural meeting point of sea routes, the city served as a flourishing trading post for a wide variety of sea crafts, from Chinese junks, Indian vessels, Arab dhows and Portuguese battleships to Buginese schooners. The next important period in the history of Singapore was during the 18th century, when modern Singapore was founded. At this time, Singapore was already an up and coming trading post along the Malacca Straits, and Britain realized the need for a port of call in the region. British traders needed a strategic venue to refresh and protect the merchant fleet of the growing empire, as well as forestall any advance made by the Dutch in the region.

One of the important date that proved to be a landmark in Singapore history was the year of 1818 when Sir Thomas Stamford the made the island of Singapore his new port. Later he was able to negotiate with the local rulers - Sultan of Johor and thereby concluding a treaty on 6th February 1819 to make Singapore a British Trading post. By 19th century Singapore due to migrations from different parts of Asia had become a multi- cultural society comprising of Chinese, Malayans and Indians. The ensuing cultural unification is reflected on the architecture, language, and cuisine thus becoming the heritage of Singapore. One also finds various reforms taking place during the 19th century. History of Singapore also reveals the affect of World War II when the Japanese army invaded in 1941 and later withdrew. By 1950's one finds the changes and in 1955 the internal self-Govt. was established. In 1963 due to changing circumstances one finds the endeavor to the unification of Singapore with Malaysia but due to racial tensions it ended in a fiasco. It was on 9th August 1965, the expulsion of Singapore from the unification led to the birth of Republic of Singapore. On 22 December 1965, Singapore finally became an independent republic.

Today, you can experience Singapore’s rich historical heritage by visiting many of the national monuments, museums and memorials located around the city. On your trip here, remember to take a walk along one of the many heritage trails or visit the well-known landmarks for a complete Singapore journey. Singapore is something of a giant playground for kids, with world-class visitor attractions perfect for a family day of fun. The city’s lack of chaos compared to many Asian cities may have earned it an unfair reputation for being ‘sterile’ and ‘boring’, but on the flipside, it makes it a fun and easy city to explore with kids. The public transport system is efficient, clean and safe and strict standards of hygiene mean you can happily explore the local culinary scene.

Singapore Tourist Attractions include some of the most picturesque locations, beautiful architecture, very interesting ethnic quarters, different places of worship, many wildlife sanctuaries, the fascinating Singapore River, the fabulous parks and gardens and the state-of-the-art museums. Despite its rather sanitized reputation, though, Singapore is anything but dull. The visitor is spoilt for choice, for things to see and do, and in terms of vibrant nightlife, its rich cultural mix, and a whole planet’s worth of culinary experiences. Singapore is a veritable feast for the senses, a heady mixture of the familiar and the exotic. Explore the various cultural precincts and religious landmarks around the island and get acquainted with Singapore’s multicultural society. Whether you join a tour or discover your own Singapore, you’ll be sure to catch a glimpse of the impressive history, cultural diversity and lifestyles of Singaporeans during your visit to Singapore.