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Rajasthan stuns every visitor by featuring, the majestic forts, placid lakes, sprawling palaces and terrific wildlife. Rajasthan is situated in the North Western part of India and shares geographical boundaries with Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat in India. It also has a long international boundary with Pakistan. It is the largest state in the country has a total area of 342,214 sq. km.

Between the seventh and the eleventh century AD, several dynasties arose, with Rajput strength reaching its peak at the beginning of the sixteenth century. Emperor Akbar brought the Rajput states into the Mughal Empire. By early Nineteenth century, they allied with the Marathas. Later, the British established there hold in the region. Rajasthan soon emerged as a centre of Indian nationalism. When the new constitution went into effect in 1950, Rajput princes surrounded their powers to the India Union.

The great thing about Rajasthan is that there is majesty in every man of Rajasthan. Rajasthan is a harsh, scorched land of savage summer heat but also full of the brightest colors. Countering the barren landscape with vibrant hues in their everyday wear and charming murals painted on their drab sepia-colored mud homes. Rajasthan has made its contribution to Indian art where there is a rich literary tradition, especially of bardic poetry.

Chand Bardai's poem Prithvi Raj Raso or Chand Raisa, the earliest manuscript of which dates to the twelfth century, is particularly notable. A popular source of entertainment is the khyal, a dance drama composed in verse with festive, historical, or romantic themes. The typical folk dance of Rajasthan is the ghoomar, which is performed on festive occasions only by women. The geer dance performed by men and women, the panihari a graceful dance for women, and the kacchi ghori in which male dancers ride dummy horses are also popular. In short you will find every color of life while visiting Rajasthan the land of the brave Rajputs.

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