Places To Visit In Nainital...

Places To Visit In Nainital
Formerly Nainital was inhabited by several royal figures and was the most favoured summer retreat of the British as well. Nainital is beautifully nested around the mesmerizing Naini Lake and is also an important stopover for the tourists who are on their tour to North India. You will feel the colonial charm lingering in its winding streets and the impressive buildings that were built here. There are many tourist places in Nainital that must be visited by the tourists. Some of the major tourist attractions of Nainital are mentioned below.

Tourist places in Nainital:

Naina Devi Temple
 : The attractive lake of Nainital is said to be the eyes of Sati, wife of Lord Shiva. Sati jumped into the sacrificial bonfire. Lord Shiva to mourn the death of his beloved wife carried the body across the country. The remains of her body fell at various places which today are sacred worship places for the Hindus. This is a highly devoted temple of Nainital and is located on the northern shore of Naini lake. In the year 1880 it was destroyed by a severe landslide and was later rebuilt. Maa Naina Devi is the chief deity of this temple and is represented by two Netras or eyes. You will also come across the deities of Mata Kali and Lord Ganesha that are near the main deity.

St. John’s Church: This church occupies an important place among the tourist attractions in Nainital and was built in the 1847. It is one of the oldest buildings of Nainital and is frequently visited by tourists, during their vacations. . A brass memorial is kept in memory of the persons who were buried in the infamous landslide. The few bodies digged out were buried in the church premises.

Governor’s House: It is also known as Raj Bhavan and was built in the year 1899. Its design is in the Victorian Gothic domestic style and was constructed by the architect F.W. Stevens. At present, Raj Bhavan is the official guest house for the state governor and visiting state guests. It is a two-storied mansion consisting of 113 rooms, a garden, a swimming pool, and golf links. You have to obtain prior permission before visiting.

Naina Peak: It is one of the famous tourist places in Nainital. This peak is also popularly known as China or Cheena Peak. It is the highest peak in Nainital with a height of 2,615 meters. The top of the peak offers inspiring views of the snow-capped Himalayan Mountains as well as of Nainital town.

Tiffin Top: Located on Ayarpatta hill, is among the major things to watch in Nainital. This point is also popularly known as Dorothy’s Seat. This scenic spot commands lovely views of the nearby countryside.

Nakuchiatal: Just 24 km from Nainital and about 4 kms from BhimTal lies the mystique lake with nine corners also called as the 'nine-cornered lake'. Surrounded by dense forested hills on all sides it provides peace from the maddening rush of the plains. It is believed by the locals that whoever sees all the nine corners of the lake at one shot, attains Nirvana. Pretty views of terraced fields and meadows make this lake destination an enjoyable stopover. Although the lake is the prime attraction here, there are more activities for tourists such as angling, trekking, bird-watching and paragliding. It is nourished by an underwater spring, which keeps its water levels high. It is the deepest lake in the Lake District of India (Nainital) and lost in acres of oak forest in the Himalayas. It is perhaps the most picturesque lake in Uttarakhand, surrounded by green slopes and oak forests.  A beautiful tree-lined path runs along the length of the lake and is the ideal place to get immersed in the natural beauty.

Sattal: Literally meaning group of seven lakes all nested together, about 23 kms from Nainital at an altitude of 1370 Metres still untouched by modernization. You can see the nature’s beauty at its best. Seven Lakes of Sattal are Panna Tal or Garud Tal, Nal-Damyanti Tal, Purna Tal, Sita Tal, Ram Tal, Laxman Tal and Sukha Tal or Khurdariya Tal.

Bhimtal: About 22 kms from Nainital, nestled in a beautiful valley, this crown of a lake is the largest around Nainital. The beauty is enhanced by a small Island surrounded by crystal blue water. One road from Bhimtal leaves for Naukuchiatal while another one goes to Kathgodam 21 Kms from here. Bhimtal is one of the largest lake around Nainital named after Bhima of Mahabharata. It has an island in the centre approached only by a boat and at present it has an aquarium also. A family of ducks has made the lake their home and give company to the lake visitor. It is much less crowded than Nainital and the lake, Bhimtal is much cleaner than its better known counterpart Naini. It can be reached directly from Delhi in 6-7 hours. It is slightly on the warmer side in mid June, but makes for an all year round destination. For recreation one can do boating at the lake or explore the surrounding jungle on foot. It can also be made as a centre for exploring the surrounding lakes. There is a large Victorian dam at one end of the Bhimtal Lake and terraced flower gardens can be found on either side. Next to the dam is the Bhimkeshwar temple dedicated to Bhim. There is also the Godhakhal Temple 3 km from Bhimtal. Another interesting place in Bhimtal is The Museum of Folk Culture housing collections of folk paintings and ancient wooden artifacts. This lake makes for an interesting off beat destination both for the family and corporate traveller.

Shri Kainchidham Mandir: On the Nainital - Almora Road, 9 Km from Bhowali and 17 Kms from Nainital is a modern pilgrim centre. This place has achieved recognition owing to the ashram of the famous Neem Karoli Maharaj. Kaichi is a term used for two sharp hairpin bends of the motor road in local language hence the name. It has nothing to do with scissors. The concept of this place came into existence in 1942 when Maharaj Neem Karoli along with Shri Poornanand of the Kainchi Village proposed building an ashram here dedicated to Sombari Maharaj and Sadhu Premi Baba who used to perform yagnas in this place. Later in 1962, their dream materialised and the forest from this area was cleared and a rectangular platform was constructed. After due permission from the forest conservator, Maharaj Ji acquired the lease of this land and constructed a Temple devoted to Lord Hanuman over that rectangular platform and adjacent to it is the Kainchi Temple and an Ashram built for devotees. There is also a cave beside the temple where Baba Neem Karoli used to spend his time praying and is considered a sacred area.

Kausani: This popular tourist place of Nainital is set at a height of over 6075 ft and 120 Km from Nainital lies the beautiful town of Kausani also popularly called the Switzerland of India. Kausani provides an enchanting sunrise over the Himalayas a rich experience which will remain alive in your memories for lifetime. Originally known as Valna, the mesmerizing hill resort of Kausani offers the ultimate vacation creating the romantic environment. Kausani is a destination for Himalayan tourists. It is located 53 km North of Almora. This place offers a 350 km view of the Himalayan peaks like Trisul, Nanda Devi and Panchchuli. There are very few places in the Himalayas which can be compared with the beauty of Kausani a picturesque hill station famous for its scenic treasures and its spectacular 300 km-wide panoramic view of the Himalayas. Kausani lies on the top of the ridge amidst dense pine trees overlooking Someshwar valley on one side and Garur and Baijnath Katyuri valley on the other on Almora-Bageshwar-Didihat Highway. Mahatma Gandhi used to call this place the 'Switzerland of India', due to similarity in landscape. The hill resorts of Kausani offers various accommodation options ranging from deluxe hotels, standard hotels and budget hotels catering to requirements of the travellers visiting this beautiful hill station. Other options like the Tourist rest houses are also available at Kausani.

Ranikhet: This beautiful hill resort is about 63 km from Nainital. Its beauty lies in its simplicity. Beautiful pine trees create a nostalgic feeling. The orchards, the temples, the joy grounds will back on you again and again. Polo Ground with Himalayan View - Ranikhet meaning (Queen's Field) was named after a legendary Queen who camped in the area and fell in love with it, the town provides a spectacular view of the Himalayan range. Ranikhet is still a military cantonment and the Kumaon regiment has been stationed there from 1780. Ranikhet, which means Queen's meadow in Hindi, gets its name from a local legend, which states that it was here, that Raja Sudhardev won the heart of his queen, Rani Padmini, who subsequently chose the area for her residence, giving it the name, Ranikhet, though no palace exists in the area. In 1869 the British established the headquarters of the Kumaon regiment here and used the station as a retreat from the heat of the Indian summer. At one time during British Raj, it was also proposed as the summer headquarters of Government of India, instead of Shimla. Ranikhet is popular for two of its temples. Jhoola Devi Mandir was constructed some 400 years ago in honour of the local Goddess, who protected the people from man-eating tigers. The other important temple is Kali Devi ka Mandir, which has a large number of bells. The site of the temple is believed to be 5000 years old.

Almora: At a height of 5,417 feet is located on a ridge at the southern edge of the Kumaon Hills of the Himalaya range. In the shape of a horse saddle shaped hillock, it is surrounded by thick forests of pine and fir trees. Flowing alongside the city are rivers of  Koshi, (Kaushiki), and Suyal (Salmale). The snow capped Himalayas can be seen in the background. Almora has many noted temples, including Kasar Devi, Banari Devi, Chitai, Jageshwar Dham, Binsar Mahadev, Garhnath and Baijnath. Rudreshwar Mahadev Temple, near Sanara Ganiya, is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is situated beside the river Ram Ganga. A Sun Temple  is located at Katarmal within a short distance from the town. The famous temple of Manila Devi, Devi Maa, the family goddess of the Katyuri clan, lies around 85 km from Ranikhet. Udaipur a famous temple of Golu devta is situated 5 km. from Binta near Dwarahat people comes there for justice and they get it.

Jageshwar Dham: This popular tourist spot in Nainital is located at an altitude of 1870 mts. and is the 8th Jyotirling among the twelve and has great religious value. It is a Hindu pilgrimage town in Almora District, Uttarakhand, dedicated to Lord Shiva, located 36 km northeast of Almora, in Kumaun region. The temple city comprises a cluster of 124 large and small stone temples, dating 9th to 13th century AD, with many preserved by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), which include Dandeshwar Temple, Chandi-ka-Temple, Jageshwar Temple, Kuber Temple, Mritunjaya Temple, Nanda Devi or Nau Durga, Nava-grah Temple, a Pyramidal shrine, and Surya Temple amongst which the oldest shrine is the 'Mrityunjaya Temple' and the biggest shrine is the 'Dandeshwar Temple'. Once the centre of  Lakulish Shaivism, , in the Jataganga river valley near a Deodar forest  starting from Artola village on Almora–Pithoragarh highway, where two streams Nandini and Surabhi flow down the hills in the narrow valley and meet near the sacred spot. The ancient  Prasadmandanam describe this place as an abode of Lord Shiva. It is believed that Adi Shankaracharya visited Jageshwar and renovated and re-established many temples before leaving for Kedarnath.

Corbett Water Falls: Corbett fall is situated 25 kilometres from Ramnagar. Thick teak wood jungles and a narrow road 1.7 kilometers inside is an out of the world experience. The best thing all along has been the chirpings of birds in the background and sound of flowing water. It is 4 kms from Kaladhungi, on the Kaladhungi - Ramnagar highway. Surrounded by dense forests this 20 mts. high fall is simply a non forgettable sight. Famous as the ideal camping hide out, this spot now has become a major tourist attraction. Trekking in the forests, bird watching at peace or nature walks at leisure are the common activities at Corbett Falls. The forest department has taken all necessary steps to provide all amenities and facilities to promote Corbett Falls as a picnic spot with a difference. Regular public and private transport services makes this spot the convenient spot for nature enthusiasts and peace seekers.

Sariyatal: Sariyatal is about 5 kms away from Nainital on the way to Kaladhungi, a beautiful tourist spot in Nainital. It is a very good place to pass some time enjoying the beauty of nature.

Ghorakhal: Ghorakhal is a small place, which is famous for the temple of Lord Golu worshipped by hill people perched at an altitude of 2000 meters above the sea level. It falls under Nainital district of Uttarakhand, approximately 15 km away from Nainital. 'Ghorakhal ' literally means a pond for water to horses. It is a picturesque site, with natural serenity and placidity. One of the famous attractions in Ghorakhal is Golu Devta Temple, always in news for the unique rituals performed here. One such ritual is that devotees make petitions at the temple, using stamp papers, to seek desired decree in litigations. On accomplishment of their wish, the deity is shown gratitude by hanging bells or making animal sacrifice. People from all over the region consider Golu Devta, the presiding deity of the temple, to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva.

Kilbury: At about 12 km. from Nainital at a height of (2528 Metres) lies a place fit for weekend picnics it is famous for its flora and fauna and bird watching. One can have a wide panoramic view of Himalayas along with a view of Tarai and Bhabhar. It is an enchanting, picnic spot. lined by lush oak, pine and rhododendron forests and with panoramic views of majestic snow-capped peaks in the distance, Kilbury is perfect to spend the day on your back doing nothing but lazily watching the clouds float by. Alternately you can watch Brown Wood-Owls, Collared Grosbeaks, White-throated Laughing Thrushes, Fork tails and many other birds. Kilbury is a well known birding route and at last count more than 580 species of birds have been recorded in this area. It lies on the edge of a reserve forest and for those desirous of more comfortable lodgings than a picnic rug and a basket; there is also a forest bungalow.

Observatory: The clear skies over Nainital prompted the government to setup an observatory here. The observatory has one of the most advance telescopes in India. With the help of this telescope the movement of stars, planets and other heavenly bodies can be calculated to great precision. The entry in the observatory is by permission and timings are fixed. It will be better if you collect the prior information about the place.

Ram Nagar: Ram Nagar is situated on the banks of the river Kosi and was set up by Commissioner H. Ramsay. Ramnagar has become a very important town with the coming of the broad gauge railway line. Ram Nagar houses Jim Corbett’s old home which is now a museum consisting of souvenirs, materials related to his lifetime. Ramnagar is also very close to ruins of Dhikuli, the Girija Devi Temple and Sitabani which are quite popular places to visit. Just 10 kms from Ram Nagar are the ruins of Kotabagh, dating back to Chand rulers. From Ram Nagar one can visit Ranikhet and Chaukhutia which are places of natural beauty offering excellent view of the peaks of Himalayas.

These are some of the famous Nainital tourist places that draw a considerable amount of tourists here every year. Tourists visiting Nainital will have an amazing time visiting all these exotic places full of nature’s beauty. 

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