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Malaysia having a great past and bright future is having many places of historical importance. Among which the must see monument is, The Grand Palace with its distinct Anglo-Malay architecture, housing a museum of priceless treasures of the Royal Collection.

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Petronas Twin Towers and the KL Tower

These towers are the breathtaking landmarks of Malaysia, lying close to each other, and dominating the skyline of Kuala Lumpur at the same time adding much modern character to the city. The Petronas Twin Towers are situated within the heart of the Golden Triangle, in the Central Business District (CBD). There is a sky bridge on the forty first floor linking the two towers giving excellent view of the surroundings. 

Sultan Abdul Samad Building

The other noted landmark within Kuala Lumpur is the Sultan Abdul Samad Building, which is opposite to Merdeka Square which will take the visitors back to the colonial days. The Sultan Abdul Samad Building is perhaps the city's most impressive landmark. It is a late 19th-century building, featuring elaborate arches and a stunning clock tower. The building faces Merdeka Square and is glowing beautifully in the night.

National Monument

A huge bronze structure of seven soldiers holding up the Malaysian flag is the Kuala Lumpur's National Monument. The monument signifies those who fought and died for the cause of the country by representing the seven virtues strength, unity, courage, vigilance, leadership, sacrifice, and suffering.

Kuan Yin, Kek Lok Si and Snake Temple

With its diverse mixture of cultures and history, Penang features a wealth of landmarks and monuments that are witness to its varied past. These include temples such as Kuan Yin, Kek Lok Si and Snake Temple.

Many of Penang's landmarks, such as Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, provide insight into the notable characters, that played a role in building the island's wealth. In particular, the Clock Tower provides a reminder of Britain's place in the island's history. Having a look at modern Penang, KOMTAR is a well-known landmark that houses government departments, commercial offices, shops, department stores and restaurants.

Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion

Featuring 18th and 19th century Chinese architecture Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion is the former home of Cheong Fatt Tze, a powerful industrialist and first-class Mandarin in the Manchu government, who migrated to Java in the 1850s and later moved to Penang in the early 1890s. Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion was constructed from 1896 to 1904 by master craftsmen from China.

Kuan Yin Temple

Kuan Yin Penang's oldest standing temple was built in the honor of the Chinese Goddess of Mercy. It was constructed by Hokkien and Cantonese settlers in 1800 and is a fine example of ancient Chinese temple architecture decorated with stone dragons and intricate carvings. Do not forget to see the statue of Kuan Yin, which depicts a woman with 18 arms, in an inner chamber of the temple. offers attractive Malaysia tour packages.