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Madhya Pradesh has some interesting sites for tourists. The state is crossed by the Vindhya and Satpura mountains and its main river is the Narmada. The northern part is famous for Khajuraho temples, while the eastern region has two of India's finest sanctuaries the Bandavgarh and Kanha. The south western part of Madhya Pradesh offers some elegant monuments the Buddhist stupa of Sanchi and 15th - 16th century citadels of Mandu are worth visiting. The state has been home to the mixed cultural heritage of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Islam. Innumerable monuments, exquisitely carved temples, stupas, forts and palaces are located all over the state. The natural beauty of Madhya Pradesh is equally varied. There are spectacular mountain ranges, meandering rivers and miles of dense forests which offer unique and exciting panorama of wildlife in sylvan surroundings.

The best places to visit in Madhya Pradesh are


It is known as the store house of surprises for the tourists. The place is well-known for its religious background and for the holy atmosphere which is laden with various mythical stories. The place is located at the point where Vindhya and Satpura meet. The place is regarded as one of the sacred place and the river Narmada as one of the blessed rivers. The place is not only important as mythical stories and background, but one of the attractive places as the beautiful scenic beauty catches the eyes of the nature lovers. A magnificent waterfall that cascades from a lofty elevation of 100 feet Kapildhara waterfalls is an eye-catching spectacle in the hilly terrain of Amarkantak. Kapildhara would be a captivating experience to all where in one can spent a lovely evening in sheer serenity. A lovely cataract in the midst of thick woods, and majestic mountains is a beautiful site that would mesmerize the beholder.


Declared by UNESCO as a world heritage site for its archaeological and historical monuments Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh may now be visited by tourists who come to India. The place is becoming one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world. This is the best destination which can be considered as the best example of Indian art and architecture. From 950-1050AD in a truly inspired thirst of creativity, the Khajuraho temples were built in the short span of hundred years, Only 22 out of the 85 original temples have survived till today to constitute one of the world's great artistic wonders.


Located just forty six km from Bhopal at the foot of a hill is the popular tourist destination the village of Sanchi. It is a religious place with archeological and historical significance. Sanchi is well known for its Stupas and monasteries, dating from the 3rd century BC to the 12th century AD. Sanchi Stupa 1, the most famous of all the stupa's was originally built by Emperor Ashoka,. The place is related to Buddhism. It is more related to Ashoka than to Buddha. Ashoka built the first Stupa and put up many pillars here. The crown of famous Ashoka pillars, with four lions standing back to back, has been adopted as the national emblem of India. Besides, Ashoka Pillar, Gateways of Sanchi, Buddhist Vihara, Gupta Temple and Sanchi Museum are also worth visiting by the tourists on a tour to Madhya Pradesh.


30 rock shelters is one of the World Heritage site in Madhya Pradesh which is also the biggest repository of prehistoric art in India. One of the earliest dwellings of human beings, Bhimbetka will take you back to the history 35000 years old. In fact, the place has witnessed a cultural sequence right from the late Stone Age to the early historic period. The pre historic caves which are in true sense "the portal to the ancient gallery of Bhimbetka" preserve some fascinating paintings dating back to Paleolithic times. They had lived here for 100 years and had created their own stone floors, left behind hand-axes, cleavers, scrapers to remove flesh and fat from the skin of slaughter animals and tiny needles made from hard quartz in all its sharp and colorful forms. Also stone hand mills for grinding grain and nuts and the colored earth called "Ochers". Over these caves the Stone Age artists painted their hopes and fears, weaving an enchantment that still ensnares us. These specimen, display great vitality and narrative skill. One sees on the weather worn walls, rhinoceros, elephants, horses, as well as domestic animals. There are scenes of domestic bliss-a woman with a child or performing household chores, and documentation of a hunt raid during warfare


Madhya Pradesh in Central India is home to one of India's beautiful hill resorts which is an ideal holiday destination. Panchmarhi is another attraction for the nature lovers, popular for its rising peaks and Green forests. It is a hill station and should not be missed out if you are travelling to Madhya Pradesh during the summers. It can be described as the coolest place in Madhya Pradesh. Panchmarhi Hill Resorts Panchmarhi was developed as a hill resort by the British and retains an old world colonial charm. Even today it can be seen in the architecture of the churches and buildings built by the British. The landscape of Panchmarhi is sure to enchant every holidaymaker to this beautiful hill resort. Panchmarhi is lush with greenery, waterfalls cascade down the hills, and the hills are rich in flora and fauna. Panchmarhi is the popular Honeymoon Destination.

Christ Church

Built by the British in 1875, this church is generally regarded as the most beautiful small church in Madhya Pradesh. The Church's has a hemispherical dome on top with its ribs ending with faces of angels. The stained-glass panes decorating the walls and rear of the altar were imported from Europe. They present a beautiful sight as the sunlight passes through them. The bell is as old as the church and its chimes can be heard from far away.

Pandav Caves

Five ancient dwellings excavated in the sandstone rock in a low hill. Pachmarhi derives its name from these caves, which, as the legend goes, once provided sanctuary to the five Pandav brothers. These caves are now protected monuments.

Madhya Pradesh vacation becomes more enjoying due to great choice from above inviting places to visit.