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Kodaikanal is the most beautiful and popular hill station in Tamil Nadu. To relish the natural beauty of this hill station, you need to grab the benefit of Kodaikanal tour package so that you can have best accommodations and do best sightseeing at great rates on your trip to Kodaikanal. At TravelHot, you will get versatile Kodaikanal holiday packages and you can choose any of the packages from here that suits both your pockets and expectations. All Kodaikanal tour packages that are available at TravelHot ensure to provide best services during the trip to Kodaikanal. You can also get your Kodaikanal holiday packages customized according to your needs.

Kodaikanal is located in the famous Palani Hills in Western Ghats and is known as the Princess of hill stations. Kodaikanal is situated about 7,200 feet from the sea level. Kodaikanal is a place that is completely secluded from the madding crowd and that is what makes it one of the very few loveable hill stations in India. Kodaikanal is the most sought after honeymoon destination in South India because of its scenic beauty and Kodaikanal leaves any nature lover mesmerized by its charms. So if you are planning honeymoon in Kodaikanal then you can check our Kodaikanal honeymoon packagesto have hassle free honeymoon. The Kodaikanal honeymoon packages are the best way to plan and book your honeymoon in Kodaikanal.

The word Kodaikanal means “gift of the forest” in local language. The dense forest with many varieties of trees, the huge rocks in the wilderness and the enchanting waterfalls makes it a real gift for the tourists visiting this place. Kodaikanal has a healthy climate where temperature does not vary much from summer to winter. Kodaikanal has created a niche for itself with its intoxicating air, breathtaking scenery and serenity that you can hardly find in any hill station in the Himalayas.

The early history of Kodaikanal dates back to 14th century AD when occupants of Palani foothills flew to Kodai to escape the invasion of Tipu Sultan and dominance of the plains. Lieutenant B. S. Ward, an inspector, was the first ever European to come to Kodaikanal in the year 1821 with a view to develop a hygienic and sanitized place around Madurai in order to save the missionaries working in southern Tamil Nadu from the scorching heat and sporadic epidemic diseases.

Developed in the 18th century, the hill station was gradually established by American Madura Mission and British Missionaries who built dwellings, churches, schools and introduced and planted new trees to make Kodai what it is today. In the early part of the 20th century, some Indian upper class members traveled to this place, bought property, and added different colors to the place. Today, Kodaikanal is a wonderful hill station often visited by people from all over the country and the world.

Kodaikanal is famous for eucalyptus oil, homemade chocolates, plums, pears and woolen clothing which are available at cheaper rates in the Tibetan refugee bazaar. One can visit Kodaikanal is all through the year however, we recommend summers and winters.

Kodaikanal is a paradise for trekking lovers as it offers different trekking routes for the professional trekker to the beginner trekker as well. Trekking routes with varying difficulty levels are there and a tourist can select the route according to the fitness, time factor and one's trekking ability. One of the toughest routes is from Periyakulam – Adukkam- Kodaikanal which has a trekking distance of about 18 kms which can be covered within 7 hours. Tourists can indulge in various activities here like cycling, horse riding, boating and many more adventurous activities.

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