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Jharkhand came up as an independent state on 15 November 2000. Jharkhand Tourism attracts the tourists with its unforgettable places of tourist interest. The state famously known as land of woods is a nice place to visit. Most of the parts of the state are covered with tribal area. Jharkhand shares its border with the states of Bihar to the north, Uttar Pradesh and Chhattisgarh to the west, Orissa to the south, and West Bengal to the east. The state is mostly covered by forests, wildlife sanctuaries, minerals and industries. The perfect blend of places to visit in Jharkhand offers many beautiful places of interest. Tourist attractions in Jharkhand can be summarized as follows

An important destination for Jain pilgrims, Parasnath is located at a distance of 179 km from Giridih district. The place Parasnath is named after Parsvanatha, the 23rd Jain Tirthankara who attained nirvana here. There are 24 Jain Temples each one dedicated to one of Jain Tirthankara. The temple on the highest peak is of Parsvanatha. Pilgrims begin their journey from Madhuban. Madhuban is a stopover at the foot of the hill from where people have to walk. It takes around three hours to reach Parasnath.

Dhanbad is one of the most important industrial centers in India. In and around Dhanbad is the richest mineral wealth of India. Central Mining Research Station, Central Fuel Research Institute, Directorate General of Mines Safety and Mining College. The collieries, various technical institutions and research centers of high order, attractive neighborhood and the landscapes are the attractions of this industrial city. The places to visit are Topchanchi 37 km. This is a beautiful lake, surrounded by green hills. Jharia Suburts of Dhanbad is rich colliery centre & has extensive commerce, Sindri 30 km. Fertilizer & other factories and Bihar Institute of Technology. Maithon Dam is 52 km.

Ranchi is the state capital of Jharkhand. The city is full of Waterfalls, lakes and Forests. The city receives an annual rainfall of 1503 mm. Ranchi, being situated at an altitude of 2,140 feet from sea level, is a popular health and holiday resort and a place of sacred pilgrimage. Some lovely sights in the town include Ranchi Hill, Tagore Hill, Ranchi Lake etc. A panoramic view of the town can be enjoyed from the hill top. The Shiva Temple situated on the top of the hill, is an added attraction for the devotees for whom it assumes the places of reverence during Shravanmas same as that of Baijnath Dham (Deoghar).

Jagannathpur Temple & Hill 
Jagannathpur Temple & Hill is about 10 km from Ranchi G.P.O. The old temple of lord Jagannath, built in 1691 in the architectural style of Puri Temple stands like a fort on the top of the hill. The car/chariot festival of the Jagannathpur Temple is same as that of the Jagannath temple of Puri (Orissa) and draws a big crowd comprising of tribals and non-tribals. HEC township nearby is an added attraction.

Angrabadi is a temple complex which accommodates the temples of Lords Ganpati, Ram-Sita and Hanuman and Shiva. The Shankracharya Swami Swarupanand Saraswati, having been captivated by serene, placid and celestial beauty of Angrabadi rechristened it as Amreshwar Dham.

Sun Temple
Sun Temple is at a distance of about 39 km from Ranchi on Tata Road near Bundu. The elegant Sun temple is fashioned in the form of huge chariot with richly decorated 18 wheels and seven live like horses ready to take off. A pond is located within the temple premises serving as a sacred place for Chhathavratis. The place is actually a nature’s bounty to the people of Chotanagpur. The all weather motor able road up to the temple premises is likely to attract tourists who will be captivated to behold the newly built sun temple in the placid and serene surrounding leading to its celestial beauties.

Dassam Falls
Dassam falls are also known as Dassam Ghagh. Dassam falls are about 40 km. away from Ranchi on Tata Road. The Kanchi River falls from a height of about 144 feet at the Dassam falls. The tourists are warned not to take bath in the falls or at least be careful while bathing in the stream.

Hundru Fall
Hundru falls is about 28 km. away from Ranchi town. The Swarnarekha River falls from a height of 320 feet.

Jonha Falls
Jonha is about 40 km. away from Ranchi. There is also a tourist rest house which has Lord Gautam Budha’s temple within its premises. The falls are named after Gautam as Gautamdhara too, it is approachable by road. The tourists can go up to Gautamdhara station by train also.

Hirni Falls
Hirni Falls are about 70 km from Ranchi on way to Chakradharpur. Situated in a dense forest area, Hirni has been favored by nature for scenic beauties. The tourists are carried away by emotions and flight of imagination while observing Hirni.

Ranchi Hill
Ranchi at an altitude of 2140 feet from sea level is a popular health and holiday resort and a place of sacred pilgrimage. A panoramic view of the town can be beheld from the hill top. The Shiva Temple situated on the top of the hill, is an added attraction for the devotees.

Tagore Hill
Tagore hills are about 3 km. from the Ranchi G.P.O. The Tagore Hill is about 300 ft. high. As the hill is associated with a history pertaining to Tagore family, it is known as Tagore Hill. A number of books have been written by Rabindra Nath Tagore sitting on the top of the hill. At the foot of the hill are situated the Ramakrishna Mission Ashram and its office and centre of Divyayan and agrarian vocational institute.

Gonda Hill & Rock Garden
About 4 km from G.P.O., Ranchi on Kanke Road, just in front of the CMPDIL Hq. is situated the Gonda Hill with a water reservoir at its top. At the foot of the hill is a big lake known as Kanke Dam and a lucrative place for tourists.

TATA Steel Zoological Park
A variety of fauna exists in conditions close to their natural habitat at the park. The adjoining lake, Jayanti Sarovar offers boating facilities in idyllic scenery.

Popularly called the `Queen of Chhotanagpur' Netarhat is 154 km west of Ranchi Town. It is a plateau covered with thick forests situated at a height of 3,700 feet or 1128 metres. Generally people visit this place to enjoy the breath taking sunrise and sunset.

Baidyanath Dham
Situated in the Santhal Parganas of Jharkhand, is a very important pilgrim Centre. It's famous for the Hindus for the temple of Shiva-Baidyanath and the place is a popular holiday Centre.

It is constructed on Damodar River, is 22,155 ft long and 124 ft high. A hydel station has also been constructed against the back ground of Panchet Hill in the eastern side of dam.

Peaceful abode of Maa Kalyaneshwari. The name is a corruption of Mai-ka-sthan; Mai'than perhaps being the Bangla way of saying it. The temple at Kalyaneshwari, scarcely 4 km from the dam site, is tucked away in calm whereas all the action seems to be centered around the lake. Spread over an area of 65 sq km, it is Darnodar Valley Corporation's largest reservoir in the state. Though the dam was designed for flood control across the Barakar River, it has inundated several lesser known Jain shrines in the process. Maithon has a unique underground power station, believed to be the first of its kind in South East Asia. A deer park and a bird sanctuary have been established. On an island in the lake is a rest house which offers accommodation. Boating and fishing facilities are available.

Famous for Beautiful artificially created lake, the Topchanchi Lake lies 37 km from Dhanbad and is almost on NH2.

Mc Cluskieganj
Mc Cluskieganj is a small village near Ranchi that evokes nostalgia as one gradually discovers that it was once popular with the Anglo-Indian community. It is a charming mix of the gauche and sophisticated.

Bokaro Steel City
As the fourth integrated steel plant in the Public Sector, Bokaro steel city was conceived in 1959. Bokaro Steel Plant actually started taking shape in 1965 with the collaboration of the then United Sovereign of Soviet Republic. Major coalfields are located nearby. Bokaro City was built to provide housing and other community facilities for the plant's employees.

Bokaro Ispat Pustakalaya
It has a collection of over 40,000 books that meets the reading requirements of the people in the township.

City Park
Bokaro has a well-maintained City Park with an artificial lake. Recently three artificial islands have also been created.

Jawaharlal Nehru Biological Park
A Biological Park named after Jawaharlal Nehru with a variety of animals and birds and a modern aquarium.

Clothed in green and right at the border of Bengal, Massanjore is perhaps one of the least explored parts of Jharkhand. Its rural life is steeped in tribal traditions. Massanjore's chief attraction is the 2100 ft long dam, built with Canadian co-operation across the Mayurakshi River. The foundation stone was laid by Dr. Rajendra Prasad in 1951 and the sluices were opened four years later by Lester Pearson, the External Affairs Minister of Canada. In a fitting tribute to its partners, the concrete structure was called Canada Dam. Though the dam lies in Jharkhand, the beneficiary state is West Bengal, for permission to see the Power House and Operation Gallery of Canada Dam, contact the Supt. Engineer, Mayurakshi Canal Circle at Seuri, 40 km away. At two vantage points, are located the two Inspection Bungalows of West Bengal & Jharkhand. From the Jharkhand bungalow you can see the Mayurakshi escaping through the sluices in a gushing arc. The West Bengal IB is perched atop a hillock and offers a stunning view of the reservoir. Though boating has been stopped of late, forest walks and a trip to the garden at the foot of the dam are some activities you can indulge in.

Jubilee Park
Jubilee Park is very special as it was inaugurated by none other than the first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru in 1958. Pandit Nehru loved children and this park was a gift by Tata Steel to the citizens and the children of Jamshedpur on the company's fiftieth year celebrations. Spread over a vast area of 200 acres, Jubilee Park has a special rose garden and a lake. Beautifully trimmed Ashok trees line its avenues and there is a laser show, musical fountains and water cascades which are lit during the night. Apart from children who love visiting the park, it is also a heaven for morning walkers, joggers, cyclists and anglers.

The Keenan Stadium
The Keenan Stadium is a multipurpose stadium in the industrial city of Jamshedpur in India. In fact, it is also one of the major tourist attractions in Jamshedpur. Built under the name of Sir John Lawrence Keenan, the stadium adds to the beauty of the city. The stadium came into being in the year 1939, but it had to wait for another 44 years to get the international status. The ground hosts the domestic level Ranji Trophy matches for Bihar and now the Jharkhand cricket team. It is one of the primary stadiums in Eastern India having already hosted 9 international ODI matches. The Keenan Stadium came into being as early as in the year 1939. The stadium is named after Sir John Lawrence Keenan, former general manager of the Tata Steel. Mr. Keenan worked for 25 years for the company. The Keenan Stadium was inaugurated by Mr. JRD Tata on November 22, 1939. After being granted the international status in 1983, the first international match in this ground was played between India and West Indies in the same year. The last ODI was played between India and England in April, 2006. The stadium is the only international venue for cricket in the state of Jharkhand. The Keenan Stadium is located nearby the Dalma Hills, situated in the industrial hub of Eastern India, Jamshedpur in Jharkhand. The stadium is also one of the major tourist attractions in Jamshedpur and adds to the beauty of the city. The stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Jamshedpur. The stadium has a seating capacity of 19000 spectators. The two seating ends of the stadium are called the Dalma Hills End and the Naoroji Pavilion End. The entire infrastructure in the stadium is provided by Tata Steel. The stadium has a well equipped gymnasium, a swimming pool and an industrial complex.

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