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To the modern tourist, Hyderabad offers unrivalled excitement and excellent entertainment that includes Heritage, Nature, Wildlife, Cultural and Shopping sites. The hospitality at Hyderabad is unmatched and the laid-back "Nawabi" style of living is totally relaxing. Hyderabad Holiday packages are designed to cover the best attractions of the destination. The range of delicious menus, availability of various types of accommodations, a wide range of options regarding places to visit, astounding and affordable shopping options offering pearls, gems, handicrafts, fabrics, garments, branded merchandise and the different colors of culture & festivals make Hyderabad one of the most memorable tourist destination. The city of pearls has everything to offer to its visitors. There is much more to be added to the list describing things about Hyderabad. Plan your tour to this incredible place and enjoy an exotic vacation.  

Being the territory of Nizam the richest man in the world, it is rich in history, arts, architecture and culture. The city is multi-faceted and a shining example of valued traditions, the place of origin of Kohinoor diamond. More than 400 years of history is preserved and exists along with the ultra modern infrastructure. The City of Pearls, gradually transformed itself into an IT Hub. Energetic and vibrant, Hyderabad has a mystic charm attached to the various historic monuments, mosques, minarets and museums, which abound here.

The history and the name of Hyderabad are having a romantic touch. Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah of the Qutub Shahi dynasty fell in love with Bhagyamati, a Banjara (tribal) girl and married her. Initially the city was called Bhagyanagar, but after her conversion to Islam she became Hyder Mahal, and the city was called Hyderabad. This is how the city received its name.

Hyderabad, the capital of Andhra Pradesh, is the fifth largest cosmopolitan city in India and one notable for its fascinating past as well its modern glow. Located in the heart of the Deccan plateau, 1760 ft above the sea level, Hyderabad has a moderate climate with prehistoric rocks and natural lakes, along with a variety of flora and fauna. Hyderabad offers a variety of tourist attractions ranging from Heritage monuments, Lakes and Parks, Gardens and Resorts, Museums to delectable cuisine and a delightful shopping experience.

The city was established for the purpose of providing an alternate capital to Golconda, a city that had begun to suffer from water shortages. Quli Qutb shah was the founder of Hyderabad as well as its greatest landmark the Charminar, which was erected as a tribute to a deity for stopping plague which threatened to destroy the city.

Following the country's establishment of independence from British rule, the State of Hyderabad also opted for independence however; Hyderabad was forced to join the Indian Union, which it did officially on 17 September 1948, by signing the Instrument of Accession. The country set about reorganizing its states based on languages spoken. On first November 1956, official shifts and divisions were made that saw the city of Hyderabad added to the newly created Andhra Pradesh and becoming that state's capital city. Travelling in Hyderabad is comfortable and a cool experience.

Hyderabad’s Biryani is the most famous delight from this region and is known by Indian food lovers across the globe. Chances to try this delicious creation are plentiful with everything from cheap and cheerful local eateries to the restaurants of popular hotels featuring it on their menus. It is distributed in other cities upon order. It is unique in being one of the few cities where tradition and technology co-exist, a revolution that has already attracted Microsoft and other major MNC's to set their overseas base here. Hyderabad Tourism includes everything from fantastic sight seeing, savoring delectable food, great shopping experience and visiting heritage monuments.