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The favorite daughter of Shahjahan, Jahanara laid the foundation of today Chandni Chowk which is the largest trading centre of North India. Also known as the moonlit square, it is located in the main street of Old Delhi. Situated opposite the Red Fort, the bazaar has several galis (lanes). Each of these galis represents a speciality of this market, for example the parathawali gali famous for its parathas. Similarly there is the jewellery lane, textile lane and so on. The market place has historical land marks like- The Sunheri Masjid which stands next to the Kotwali (old police station). The Fatehpur Mosque is located at the west end of Chandni Chowk and the famous Jumma Masjid is also situated nearby. Enjoy lots of shopping during your Delhi vacations which will be a great experience to remember about this destination.

Exclusive Shopping in Delhi can be done at the following places

Chandni Chowk as a Business Center
During Shahjahan's time itself, an arcade of shops had been built in a half-moon shape. Round this nucleus, in no time, grew a fabulous and prosperous trading center which spread along the wide road and branched into a number of by lanes in all directions. Originally only this stretch was known as Chandni Chowk. But as the trading center grew in magnificence and prosperity, the whole area from the Fort to Fatehpur grew famous as Chandni Chowk.

Civil lines
In contemporary times the metropolis like Delhi has been divided into four important zones which include the East, West, and North and South zone. Civil lines come under the North Zone belt. The place got its name from the British Empire when they demarcated the region for civilians and military separately. The place reflects a blend of historical and modern times. The historical artifacts that make Civil Lines a hot spot include the Coronation Pillar, Mutiny Memorial, and Metcalfe House and Vice regal Lodge, Shalimar Bagh, and Roshanara Bagh, Qudsia Bagh, Delhi Ridge and ancient monument such as Ashokan Pillar.A tour of Civil Lines fills our memories with various empire ages. Some other famous places in civil lines are Shah Alam's Tomb Flagstaff Tower, Chauburji Masjid, Pir Ghaib, Old Secretariat, Majnu Ka Tila, Ashokan Pillar, Hindu Rao's House, and Nicholson Cemetery.

Some of the parts of this area have turned into residential settlements. Many banks have come up with their branches in this region of Delhi. There are several schools and educational institutes for higher studies set here. This place also boasts of owning an underground metro railway station. It is one of the fastest developing districts in Delhi.

Connaught Place
Built by the British, Connaught Place is quite close to the New Delhi railway station. Delhi's most popular shopping centre offers almost everything under the sun. It's old too, being in existence since 1931. The state emporia buildings are also located in this area so are the head offices of major banks, airlines and other such places of importance to the tourist. The complex, popularly referred to as C.P. is an important meeting point for all sections of people and is something which no tourist should miss.

For shopping, Connaught Place is treasure trove of Indian shops for artifacts and wares. Built by the British, Connaught Place is quite close to the New Delhi railway station and a unique shopping spot. Palika Bazaar, another famous underground shopping center, is located here. Connaught Place has snack bars for quick stops, and plenty of upmarket restaurants, as well as budget sit-down joints that attract a largely Western clientele. Even if you can't afford a meal in an expensive restaurant, it's worth going into air-conditioned comfort and treating yourself to silver-service tea, filter coffee, or a cool milk shake. For patties, sandwiches and take-out meat and veg dishes, head behind the market at the top of Janpath, where you'll find great snacks at incredibly good value. Several familiar fast-food joints are represented in C.P and elsewhere in Delhi and there is a new TGIF. C.P's larger restaurants remain closed on Sunday mornings.

A sub city for the 21st century is located in West Delhi, and is surrounded by national / Indira Gandhi International airport, Cantonment Area, Najafgarh Road. It mostly consists group housing societies and DDA flats. Every society has its own group of guards, plumbers, electricians, gardeners etc. The city houses a large number of renowned schools, colleges, business schools, Engineering colleges, banks, post offices, sports complex, tele communication and medical facilities. Dwarka is now one of the biggest sub zones of the Delhi city.

Dwarka has one of the enchanting Dada Dev temple which is quite big and is home to idols of almost all India Gods. The markets at Sector 6 & 10 are the biggest and most popular with the people of Dwarka. Here you can find every essential items as well as eateries and sweet shops. An impressive Sports Complex at Sector 6 where you can join and play games like tennis, table tennis, badminton, billiards, squash, swim and relax etc.