Nightlife In Bangkok...

Nightlife in Bangkok is vibrant and lively. In fact, one night is simply not enough to explore the bustling night life of the city. You will definitely want to spend more than one night; there is always something for everyone here. If you like clubbing you can straightway head for clubs that offer exciting entertainment and activities even at the wee hours of the night. You can as well check out the bar parlor and even explore the sizzling Thai cuisines in its 24 hour restaurants and food corners. Bangkok's nightlife has a status for being wild and rowdy. In fact, 'sanook' or 'fun' would be a better description. The city's nightlife is relaxed, safe and very enjoyable. The city's nightlife goes way beyond the over-worn naughty image from the Vietnam days. And it really does go on around the clock.

Many people prefer to shop after dark. Most malls offer late-night shopping until 21:00 and some great night markets are also ideal where you can glance through until the clock strikes twelve. In short night shopping is a very feasible choice where you can shop and also escape from the heat of the day. If you want to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit check out the body massage parlors and indulge in traditional Thai massage by professionals.

Nightclubs in Bangkok are well dotted all over the vibrant city. It is the favorite hangout and stop over for every travelers visiting Bangkok. If you like clubbing you can straightway head for clubs that offer exciting entertainment and activities even at the wee hours of the night. The nightclubs are the best place to enjoy some great music and indulge in some sophisticated drinks. Nightclubs give you ample opportunity to pamper yourself to the fullest. All major nightclubs in Bangkok feature upscale restaurant, hip hop music, classy ambience along with techno and trance dance music. Some clubs offers traditional grace, international finesse, lounge beds, an array of cocktails and wines. These clubs usually features luxury entertainment with pool and snooker tables. Charming girl hostesses and handsome boys will take care of every need of yours with a smiling face.

The Bangkok bars and pubs know how to attract the party animals and keep them coming back. The bars serve exotic drink and play quality music at the background. The bars in Bangkok play different types of music that range from the hip hop, drum and bass, house, trance, chart music, rock and Thai music. There are supper-clubs, western-style expat pubs, hostess bars, go-go bars and street-side cheap in Bangkok. The bars and pubs in Bangkok offer the ideal retreat for those who want to add zing to their night outs. The city also shelters some gay and lesbian bars. Most of the bars in Bangkok remain open till 1 am. If you want to enjoy even after pub hours then you can head towards the pavement bars on Sukhumvit Road. These bars are open till 3.30am or even till 4am.

Nana Plaza & Soi Cowboy are the famous entertainment places in Bangkok that draw visitors by the thousands. At Nana Plaza you will find well known bars such as: the Rainbow bars, Hollywood Rock, Hollywood Strip, Playskool, Voodoo, G-spot, Rock Hard, Silver Dragon, Mandarin, Carnival etc. Nana Plaza is a great favorite with tourists and short-time visitors and has possibly become the most visited nightlife area in Bangkok. Similarly, at Soi Cowboy you will find bars such as : Long Gun with its sexotic shows, Rawhide, Tilac bar, Black and White, the new and popular Dollhouse a go go bar, Midnite bar, Shark, Baccara, Our Place, Suzie Wong, Shadow bar, etc. Soi Cowboy is a long time favorite for residents and repeat visitors of Bangkok. It is somewhat laid back when compared with Nana Plaza, but lately with some new bars and more bar girls, it is becoming ever more popular.

Khao San Road is the place in Bangkok for a vivacious anything-goes night out with its laid-back, cosmopolitan flavor. The area boasts sophisticated bars clubs, discs, restaurants, pubs, malls without a care in the world. Loud dance music rules the roost, and you can discover the greatest pleasure and excitement.

Apart from all these places First-class hotels are often good centers for nightclubs and discotheques, which are generally quite cheap and of very good standard.