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Alleppey is the ideal headquarters for backwater tourism. In Malayalam it is also known as Alappuzha. It is derived from the geographical position and features of the place. It means the land between the sea and rivers joining it.

Alleppey one of the most important tourist centers in the state of Kerala, with a large number of inland canals has earned the nickname "Venice of the east". The large network of canals is the lifeline of Alleppey. It was a busiest trade center in the past with one of the best known ports, along the Malabar Coast.  Even today it retains its charm as the centre for Coir carpet industries and prawn farming. It is also well known for the lovely church filled town of Kottayam, and the town of Aranmula which is famous for its historic Aranmula Snake Boat Race which is an annual event.

Looking at the brief history About Alleppey Raja Kesavadasan, the Dewan of Travancore, founded the town in 1762. At that time there was just one canal through the strip of sand between the backwaters and the sea. It soon grew into a bustling waterway, with shops, factories and commercial establishments springing up on either bank of the canal. This attracted merchants from other parts of the country. By the mid19th Century, the sea had receded a mile, offering more land along the sand strip. It gave opportunities to the Trading vessels which began to call at Alleppey. In 1859 the first organized coir factory was started here and began producing matting’s from coir yarn on a loom developed by an English captain. British-owned weaving establishments followed. Meanwhile, in 1816, the Church Missionary Society set up its local headquarters in Alleppey and three years later the first Anglican Church was built. In 1851 Alleppey had the honor of housing the first post office in the erstwhile Travancore State.

During the late 1920s the commercial importance of Alleppey began to decline. However, today Alleppey is still a major centre for trade in coir, dry coconut and coconut oil. Because of its long coast, Alleppey is also a centre for fishing and marine products processing activities.

Alleppey offers glimpses of the coir manufacturing process from the coconut husk to the final rope/coir yarn stage. There are also several shops selling coir matting and carpets, often at prices cheaper than elsewhere.

The long sandy beach at Alleppey has a lighthouse and a pier crawling out into the sea, once active in the unloading of goods from ships calling at Alleppey.

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