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United-21 Grassland, Kaziranga

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An Amazing Wildlife Resort in Kaziranga . . .

Great potential of Assam tourism is concealed in its rich culture, biodiversity, ancient temples and last but not the least many wildlife sanctuaries and reserves.

To add a new flavor to your Assam tourism itinerary, United-21 Grassland Resort, Kaziranga offers itself at your service.

Located in close proximity to the famous wildlife reserve, a UNESCO world heritage site, United-21 Grassland Resort is your window to the most precious and rarest of wildlife, flora and fauna such as tall elephant grass, one-horned rhinos and the endangered tiger population, promoting the spirit of eco-tourism.

To enhance your stay, the resort is equipped with comfortable accommodation, a spa, a gymnasium, a swimming pool and other facilities. In addition, we help arranging tourist and adventure activities to a wide choice of options which include National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries, temples, monuments and lots more.

So what are you waiting for? Take a virtual tour of our amenities and do plan your next trip with us.

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